Glass. As wonderful a product as it is, there will come a time where it will need replacing. If your windows are getting on a bit, some sealed units might be misting up with condensation. That is a sign that the concealed seals around the edges of the unit have failed and are letting air inside the unit which is then forming condensation. It’s never a pretty sight and can ruin the view outside onto your garden. The thermal efficiency of your glass is also being compromised. It’s important to be keeping all that valuable heat in, especially as heating bills are going up all the time!

At B & P Windows, we can change your old, broken down and failing double glazed units for new, clear, energy efficient ones. Your window frames might be OK for a few years yet, but by changing the glass to something more efficient, you can upgrade the overall efficiency of your windows greatly, therefore saving you money when it is most important.

We take on any job big or small. So whether it is just one sealed unit you want replacing or a whole house full, we don’t mind! If you have glass that needs replacing, call us free on 0800 146 551 or email us with your enquiry: [email protected]