Since we introduced the timber alternative range of windows and doors to our product portfolio, the interest has been fantastic.

The timber alternative range is ideal for those looking for all the advantages of PVCu windows and doors, but with all the character and style that timber inherently has. The great thing about our timber alternative windows and doors is that it has been designed from the ground up and from scratch. Every part of the product is bespoke and mimics timber in every way. So no cobbling together of existing products out there and trying to make it work. This is a specially designed, one-off range and is the most authentic looking timber alternative product on the market to date. You can find out more information about the timber alternative range here:

We thought we’d post a few images from another recent installation of timber alternative windows and doors:

If you wish to know more about our timber alternative range of windows and doors, please come visit us at our showroom to see some excellent examples, or arrange for one of our sales consultants to visit you at your home.