PVCu Engineered Doors

The best in custom built PVC doors

Our engineered doors are PVCu, but not as you’re used to seeing them. Gone are the raised moldings, the old fashioned glass designs and panels that crack. Our PVCu engineered doors focus on immaculate and clever design, the best security features and contemporary glass options.

PVCu engineered doors are built to last. Thanks to the steel reinforcement that lies inside every single frame, the build quality and strength of these doors are second to non. Every PVCu engineered door comes with a robust 14 point locking mechanism as standard, with more locking points than many other industry alternatives.

All our PVCu engineered doors comes with a high security door cylinder which combats the following attacks from burglars:

  • picking

  • bumping

  • pulling

  • snapping

  • drilling

Low aluminium door thresholds come as standard on every PVCu engineered door, ensuring that the bottom of the doors aren’t trip hazards and can cope with every day wear and tear better than old fashioned, high PVCu thresholds.

Our PVC engineered doors also come in a huge variety of colours. Choose from one of our standard range colours, or pick your very own shade, where we will send your door to be sprayed by our expert colouring specialists to create your very own, unique entrance door.


Steel reinforcement



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