Sweet – your truly suited, high performing door hardware

Sweet is the first truly suited set of door hardware, the first of its kind within the UK door market.

The range consists of: door handles, letterboxes, numerals, door knockers, finger pulls and escutcheons. All have been created around the same rounded design ethos, creating a genuinely suited set of hardware for your new door. These are available in six different colours: Chrome / Gold / Black / White / Rose Gold / Anthracite Grey.

See the range:

Watch the video below to see why we offer Sweet:

Hardware that lasts

Sweet door hardware isn’t made like all the rest. Tested to over 5000+ hours inside a salt spray booth which simulates an accelerated corrosion process, Sweet holds up against corrosion and the climate, unlike any other product. Meaning your stunning new hardware stays stunning.

No edges

This is the first set of hardware that can be truly called “suited”, thanks to its universal design of no edges. Everything is rounded. Modern, clean lines and a style that will age well.

Better handle security

A handle with a flat edge can be attacked by a burglar. The rounded handle of Sweet means a burglar with tools will be unable to grab the backplate of the cylinder. One extra deterrent!

20-year anti-corrosion guarantee

Thanks to it’s superior quality and production, Sweet comes with it’s own 10 year guarantee against corrosion. No more pitted door handles and letter boxes!