When purchasing new windows and doors for your property, there are many things to consider. So, here are some reasons why B & P Windows are the perfect choice when it comes to new windows and doors.


Our industry has come along leaps and bounds over the last few years and we have a very wide range of different types of windows and doors to suit every need and every taste. Everything we do is absolutely bespoke – right from the beginning. We’ll help you pick everything, from a wide range of frames colours, glass types, hardware colour and designs and so on. From B & P Windows, you really do get a truly bespoke home improvement package, completely tailored to you.

Company History

We are very proud to say that this is our 32nd straight year in trading! If you know anything about our industry, you will know that this is a very long time indeed! Over three decades in business is quite an achievement and is testament to the attention to detail we pay to the quality of our product, customer service and installation.

As well as those 32 straight years, we have also retained the same trading name throughout. What this means is that since 1981, we have honoured every single guarantee we have given. Again, this is quite something within our industry and if you’re considering new windows and doors from us, you can take this as very good peace of mind. So much of the industry is always changing it’s name or closing it’s doors, leaving thousands of customers in the lurch when something needs inspecting. However, we can boast that this is something B & P Windows has every encountered.

Quality Reputation

We have a great location. We’re based in Lofthouse Gate in Wakefield and everyone around us knows who and where we are because we have always been in that location. It means rather than being dragged far and away to some obscure place to look at windows and doors, people know they can just nip down the road to see us. And they know how good our reputation is.

We’re not known for being the cheapest company in the world. But then again, if we want to supply and install the best windows and doors our industry has to offer, then we’re not going to be. Why would we want to be like everyone else and offer cheaper, less quality products that won’t last as long or cause potential maintenance problems in the future. People know B & P Windows for being a company that installs a high quality product, with excellent fitters and great customer service. No hard sell, no high pressure sales tactics, just honest business and products that greatly enhance your home.

Those are just a few of many reasons why B & P Windows is the ideal choice when it comes to installing new windows and doors. For more information on us and the products we have to offer, please visit us at our show room, or go to our Contact Us page and get in touch for a free no obligation quotation, or arrange a time to see us in our show room!