We want to thank all of you for your patience during this extremely serious and extraordinary moment in our history.

In the past 24 hours, new guidance has been issued from Government, as well as a number of trade bodies within our industry which has allowed us to formulate a phased reopening plan. The below plan is, of course, subject to any new guidance or Government statements which may change the course we are on.

Phase 1: Office & Showroom open – May 18th

From Monday 18th May, we plan to reopen our offices and showrooms. We will be operating on a much-reduced staff level at this time, with others continuing to work from home. We have put into place strict COVID-safe practices to ensure the safety of those who work in our offices and visitors to the showroom. More information about those procedures will be available on our website shortly. We ask you to read them once they are available.

From this date, we plan to allow assisted showroom visits. We have added an online booking form to our website where showroom appointments can be booked in advance. You will also be able to call us on 01924 827286 to arrange a time that suits you best. Again, we have put in place strict measures for our showrooms for the safety of our staff and customers. We ask that you adhere to these at all times.

Walk-ins are welcome. However, we will be operating a strict “one in, one out” policy to help us control footfall in the showrooms. Information on walk-ins and our showroom policy on Saturday’s will also be uploaded to the website shortly.

Phase 2: Surveys – May 25th

From this date, we are hoping to be able to carry out surveys at people’s properties. We have put together strict COVID-safe procedures both for our surveyor and homeowners to abide by. We will be asking homeowners to work with us on this to make sure all procedures are adhered to and we will be asking homeowners to agree to COVID risk assessments prior to any visits from any of our tradespeople.

A number of surveys were put on hold prior to the lockdown. We will be in contact with those customers as soon as possible to arrange new times for those surveys to take place. We ask you to be flexible and work with us as we help guide you through the new processes that are being put in place.

Phase 3: Installations – June 2nd

From this date, we hope to be able to resume installations at people’s homes. As above, we have put in place strict COVID-safe procedures to help ensure the safety of our customers and workers. More information on those procedures will be available on our site shortly.

We will be in contact with customers in advance to explain the new procedures and will be emailed copies of the relevant risk assessments. We ask that all homeowners abide by these new procedures for their own safety.

This is the area of our business that has been the most challenging and we have spent a lot of time putting together very detailed and specific guidance for our installers and you as homeowners. We ask that you work with us to make sure the guidance is followed at every stage of the process.

We understand that there is new normal out there now. Which is why we have been implementing new ways to deal with us as a business. Some of those you may have already seen on our website. We will be announcing this week the new ways in which you can deal with us as a business to help you make your home improvement projects happen.

This plan remains subject to any new guidance or Government statements which may alter the timeline of our phased reopening.

We want to thank all our customers, existing and new, for their patience as we all try to navigate through these extraordinary times.

Our homes have never been so important, and we’re here to help you turn them into the very best they can be!

Be safe and be well.

Justin Grafton-Holt


B & P Windows Ltd